Click on the link below for Insurance if you don't have your own policy.


Simply purchase your insurance, which is already pre-filled with all of the proper show information, directly online using a credit card Click the link below to Purchase your Liability Insurance for just $84.00:


NON USA EXHIBITORS – Address and Phone Number instructions: When filling in your company information it will ask for a phone number and address. Please use the following:

Sand Canyon Country Club / Venue address  27734 Sand Canyon Rd, Santa Clarita, CA 91387  Phone Number  (800-906-7514)

This program is valuable for: *Anyone who does not have any exhibitor liability insurance. *International Exhibitors whose liability insurance will not cover them at a U.S Show. *Companies who do not have the time to deal with all of the certificate arrangements, and need coverage now. *Exhibitors who find it easier or advantageous to use this program, rather than their corporate insurance; Similar to when you rent a car and do not want to use your own auto insurance. *Should there be a claim, it will not tarnish your policy and rates. And, unlike most corporate policies, there is no deductible.